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Welcome to The Frog Factory where you can browse and shop for original printed T shirts, gifts and cards featuring cool cartoons and inspirational quotes to jump start your day.
Looking for a crazy frog cartoon? a funny chicken or something cute?
They are all here, straight from the creative pond.
New designs are added regularly so don’t forget to bookmark us and drop by often.

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I have been busy sketching designs for future releases and have recently got hold of an interactive drawing LCD screen which is much easier than the old tablet I previously had.
I hope to have these new drawings completed and uploaded soon.
Currently a few designs have been doing well such as the “When it rains on your parade” cute kid jumping in a puddle card.
Also the “Faster than a speeding pullet” funny chicken cartoon and “Frogs rule” cartoon frog have seen some sales which is very encouraging.
Drop by the store and cast your vote for your favorite design.

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