Cute and cool labels for pretty much everything!

Introducing our latest fun designs on a new range of products – namely washable and iron – on labels for home and school.
There are vinyl labels to stick on items that will go through a dishwasher and labels that can be ironed on to fabrics such as kids clothes and backpacks.
Great for preventing stuff from ending up in the lost property, never to be seen again.
Customise with your child’s name and label everything that needs an ID so it can be returned to the rightful owner.

Children's washable labels in fun cartoon style

Children’s washable labels in fun cartoon style
by Thefrogfactory

Bright, bold customisable birthday invitations.

With birthdays comes the challenging task of finding the right birthday invitations for your special day.
One fast and easy way to do this is selecting a fun design from our range of fun birthday invitations and customising them to suit. This can be as simple as filling out one of our templates or even changing the actual colours and fonts to make something truly unique.
Drop by our store and browse the collection currently available.

Parties and picnics! Paper plates to add colour to your day.

With the warmer weather approaching for outdoors parties (and indoor ones too) I have released a collection of bright, cartoony paper plates and napkins which are perfect for kids birthdays and other fun events.
This is a quick, fun way to add some personality to any birthday.
Below are just a few of the many designs available – and you can add your own text to make them personal.

Here’s a fun one Just for 50th birthdays for her!

We are now on RedBubble!

The frog factory is now on Red bubble!
Although my main store is at Zazzle, I have just opened my store at Redbubble so customers can also find us there. This store is more art focused so there is no ability to add text or make changes so for that please visit my Zazzle store instead.

A quick, simple way to add personality to a child’s cupboards or wardrobe.

A simple and fast way to add personality to a child’s cupboard or wardrobe is to replace tired, old pull knobs with something brighter.
I have added my designs to a range of ceramic pull knobs (these can also be added to handles if required too).
Below is a collection of 10 different designs (I will be adding more in the future) that you can choose from to add some fun and brighten up a child’s room. These are also great for DIY projects such as a child’s toy box and will be something special and unique.

Delightful door signs for children’s rooms, office and around the home.

Door signs are often overlooked as a great gift for children to personalise their bedroom and for adults to add individuality to their own space whether it is an office, kitchen or other space.
Below is a collection of happy, cute and fun door signs for home and office. Includes whimsical and funny animals, birds and ocean life. All can be customised with your own text or background colour.

Book and return address labels for kids and the kids at heart – cartoony and fun.

Need to label all your kids school books, items or your own stuff?
Perhaps you have a ton of envelopes or packages to mail out and don’t want to spend ages writing on each and every one.
The solution is to quickly create your own labels using our fun designs. Add personality (and colours that will get noticed) so your kid’s items will find their way back home.
I have put together a growing collection of labels and sticker that can be easily customised with your own text to make a fun solution that will replace hours of writing on items with a quick way to id all your things so they can find their way back home.
From funny chicken cartoons to cute whales and dolphins, frogs and more, check out our collection below.

Cute customisable school stuff to make learning more fun!

With the new year already in full swing and school days not far away it’s time to get ready for class!
I have put together a collection of customisable school items including pencil cases, binders, lunch boxes and bags to make school fun and interesting. Kids will love these designs on their items. Add their name for identification and make it both original and special.