New cute designs for January 2020!

Cute jellybeans! Just one of the many new designs that have been created for 2020!

With the new year well and truly under way I have been busy with new designs and styles to add some color and a smile to your day!

From jumping jellybeans to singing carrots and silly T rex dinosaur cartoons or cute gloworms there is an increasing variety of designs for kids and kids at heart.

More items are in the pipeline so stay tuned!

Parties and picnics! Paper plates to add colour to your day.

With the warmer weather approaching for outdoors parties (and indoor ones too) I have released a collection of bright, cartoony paper plates and napkins which are perfect for kids birthdays and other fun events.
This is a quick, fun way to add some personality to any birthday.
Below are just a few of the many designs available – and you can add your own text to make them personal.

Here’s a fun one Just for 50th birthdays for her!

A quick, simple way to add personality to a child’s cupboards or wardrobe.

A simple and fast way to add personality to a child’s cupboard or wardrobe is to replace tired, old pull knobs with something brighter.
I have added my designs to a range of ceramic pull knobs (these can also be added to handles if required too).
Below is a collection of 10 different designs (I will be adding more in the future) that you can choose from to add some fun and brighten up a child’s room. These are also great for DIY projects such as a child’s toy box and will be something special and unique.

Delightful door signs for children’s rooms, office and around the home.

Door signs are often overlooked as a great gift for children to personalise their bedroom and for adults to add individuality to their own space whether it is an office, kitchen or other space.
Below is a collection of happy, cute and fun door signs for home and office. Includes whimsical and funny animals, birds and ocean life. All can be customised with your own text or background colour.

Cute customisable school stuff to make learning more fun!

With the new year already in full swing and school days not far away it’s time to get ready for class!
I have put together a collection of customisable school items including pencil cases, binders, lunch boxes and bags to make school fun and interesting. Kids will love these designs on their items. Add their name for identification and make it both original and special.